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Café Goblin

Café Goblin, Issue One: Fuck You!!!

Café Goblin, Issue One: Fuck You!!!

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This 36-page shitter-reader has it all. Trip into the Underworld, where magic is real, leviathan creatures creep, and the locals tell strange tales…

With this magazine, you’ll:

  • Read dirty poems on the bus!
  • Smoke a joint infused with Bernie Sanders’s hair! 
  • Follow disgraced Doctor Dirty Denis’s journey into the Contagion Ward!
  • Insult Russian Soldiers with the help of a Ukrainian Blacksmith!
  • Join the Piscine Anti-Human movement!
  • Catch a whiff of napalm in the Afghan Kush fields!
  • Scratch your brain with disturbing yet beautiful artwork!
  • Scry the stars to know your horrible fate!
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